While The Wind's At Your Back

by Damien Binder

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“While The Wind’s At Your Back” is my third solo album.
After growing up in New Zealand I decided to up and leave for Sydney Australia. The album explore some of the memories of that former life and times and the hope I had for my new surrounds.

I collaborated with my long-time producer/friend Bob Shepheard in a now infamous “Apocalypse Now” production ordeal. My band I had split up on the eve of recording, followed by Bob falling very ill for a long time. However the experience while anxious and bewildering – bled into some of the writing/performances which enhanced the record somewhat.



His track record is impeccable: he played in bands in New Zealand (notably Second Child); was an APRA Silver Scroll finalist in 2003; did a showcase at SXSW in Austin; supported Marianne Faithfull and Ani De Franco (tough crowds both), and David Gray; has done solo albums and appeared on compilations; and musical reference points might be the poprock/alt.country axis of Ryan Adams, Pete Yorn, Gary Louris/Jayhawks and (lesserly so, I think) Neil Finn.

That said Binder has his own voice and a post-pop/songwriter style.

If this album lacks the immediate standout single (although I'd expect to hear Breathing, Too Late and even the quaintly "Brit-psychedelic/Beach Boys '66" Take Me Under on radio) Binder certainly hasn't betrayed his ability to pull out a memorable hook, an ascending/descending vocal line imbued with heartfelt melancholy, and songs propelled by strong power-pop tendencies.

There is a mature, reflective quality in these lyrics -- as with us all, he isn't getting any younger I guess -- and the man (who sometimes co-writes here, a mark of inclusive maturity as with Greg Johnson) crafts an economic lyric, sometimes with an amusingly romantic and teen-adult twist: "Retreating from the city, to a magic spot near the waves, it's somewhere undiscovered and we can fully misbehave . . . away from the distractions, laying down on a blanket . . ."

Really Want sounds like his stab at a radio-pop song (it sorta works) but seems rather lightweight and somewhat beneath him in the fine company of the other -- and appreciably better -- songs here.

So if you hear Really Want on radio (as you should, he writes pop songs), just know there is much better on this emotionally sound, lyrically crafted and sensitively produced album.

By Graham Reid, posted Oct 18, 2009

DAMIEN BINDER: While The Wind’s At Your Back

Now Sydney-based, Damien Binder’s third album finds the former Auckland singer and songwriter still in reflective mood. Binder had a nightmare experience with this album, his band splitting up on the eve of the recording, and his producer becoming ill for an extended period at the same time. Out of stress can come inspiration, and he wrote much of this material while waiting for events to settle down. He uses themes of memory, loss and hope, while the music runs the gamut of acoustic, indie-rock and singer/songwriter pop. Binder has a definite knack for writing unobtrusively catchy tunes and melodic hooks are everywhere on this album, especially on Take Me Under and Breathing. While understated, his voice is warm and engaging, managing to be both familiar and unknown at the same time. Binder and his band (Bob Shepheard on bass, guitar, keyboards and Jared Harrison on drums), have produced an album that could sit among the best ‘songwriter’ albums of the NZ music canon.

By Amanda Mills - NZ Musician Magazine Apr/May 2010


released August 24, 2009

Damien Binder - guitars, vocals
Bob Shepheard - bass, keys, vocals, guitars
Jared Harrison - drums

Produced by Bob Shepheard at Serendipity Studios,
Auckland New Zealand
Additional recording and production by Jamie Hutchings at Linear Studios, Leichhardt, Sydney Australia
Mixed by Steve Garden at Garden Shed Studios, Auckland New Zealand



all rights reserved


Damien Binder Australia

Since his self-titled debut album in October 2000, Damien has gone on to perform both nationally and internationally while also supporting some of the world’s leading acts including David Gray, Marianne Faithfull & Ani De Franco.
A finalists in the prestigious APRA Silver Scroll Songwriting Awards he has so far released 3 solo albums and is working on the 4th currently for release late 2015.
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Track Name: Breathing

touched for a moment
held on for awhile
february to December
memory that will smile

if you could see
the waves beneath me
if I could heal
and never have to feel
at least we know
separately we grow
i will still be free
i will still be breathing

choosing my direction
ticket from the past
vapour trails behind me
future’s coming fast

fly away I’m getting out
fly away don’t turn around
fly away to find
what you never doubt
fly away don’t turn around
don’t turn around
Track Name: Too Late (To Learn To Crawl)
too late (to learn to crawl)

restless and miles away
my grand designs could fill a page
just round the corner
out of sight
here’s to us and them
make or break
or will we bend?
come out ahead just one time

standing in silhouette
empty trophies all
my wind has got to fall
light this fuse tonight
setting off paradise
too late to learn to crawl

it’s getting deeper now
if the light runs out
i don’t know how
i’m gonna make it through the dark
i dreamt of promised gold
a gift persistence would unfold
well if it’s close
tell me how far?

you’re gonna know it
when you see it
just you wait
we’re gonna turn heads
we’ll see who’s laughing
don’t hesitate
Track Name: Really Want
really want

i’m all you really want
i’m not somebody that you want to hide
the present could be history
just take a moment that you haven’t tried
now that you’re really here
ask yourself
are you ready for the ride?
we’re heading into the sun
i know you’re gonna change your mind

speak it out
does it sound the same
when you hear me call?
Bring it down to a single frame
alone on your wall

i’m all you really want
i’m all you really want
i’m all you really want
really want

how much will you spend?
how much time do you want to give away?
platforms are made to wait
your ride's here
you know it’s gonna be today

how long can I pretend
there’s a fortune I could spend
that’s right
that’s right
there’s a fortune I could spend...
Track Name: Gotta Run
gotta run

retreating from the city
to a magic spot near the waves
it’s somewhere undiscovered
and we can fully misbehave

away from all distractions
laying down a blanket of peace
held in your affections
i never want to be released

play it back a hundred times
it’s still fresher than ever
like a song come to my mind
it never sounded better

feel the sun
that’s real summer sun
stick around we’ll have some fun
here and gone
i could carry on
but I know you’ve gotta run

wade in a little further
we’ll soon in be over our heads
you were right behind me
now you’re swimming for the shore instead

to your lonely one
will you come?
from that gilded cage

would you fly away?
i’m still here I never went away
we’re so similar
are you still the same?
Track Name: Not For Free
not for free

your whole life ahead of you
what are you gonna do?
it’s screaming by so fast
if you’re feeling uncertain
i’d be a diversion
you hardly need to ask

precious stone
out on loan
missing what you’ve never known

are you ready to turn around?
are you ready to touch the ground?
what is it that you think you’ve found?
it’s here
but not for free

here’s your catalyst
the thrill is on your lips
tell me if I should go
the stakes are getting high
a fortune’s on the line
and everybody knows

precious stone
out on loan
he’s coming now to drive you home

are you ready to turn around?
are you ready to touch the ground?
what is it that you think you’ve found?
it’s here
but not for free
are you ready to make a move?
are you slipping back in the groove?
i’m guessing will it be soon?
it’s here
but not for free

still in the box now
still in the wrapping
untouched barely
i’m trying to be fairly
fairly... good
Track Name: Damage

roll on
get your hat and your coat
never mind
what they said or what they wrote
you’re ahead of the rest now I know
you’ve only gotta satisfy your soul

'cause you know
when the going gets rough
what’s enough
keeping all the damage out of sight
and you flow
through the hardest stuff
like it’s not so tough
keeping all the damage out of sight

white noise
background of other boys
memory blurs the lines but you held your poise
is it still on parade?
or is it just a moment you’ve delayed?

run between the lines
pathways through your mind
together we can stand
come to no mans land
Track Name: Take Me Under
take me under

i could be your british blue
centre of your stage
scoop me up and take me to your place
i like to be your summer song
summer winter long
while the city’s traffic roars
and you’re gone

so few faces that I see
know the real me
that’s where I will be

diving for pearls
take me under girl
down to your world
take me under

i would sail your oceans true
sheets into the wind
let the angels wash away our sins
we could make this journey last
it’s coming on so fast
time to drown the demons of the past

there’s silence all around
just the sound of you and me
i know I can be found...
Track Name: Only Chances
only chances

time will take its toll
on your eyes
yes it will
and life may pass you by
if you try
if you try
a moment to be free
if you can
make it true
i’ll take my chances standing here with you

send me a sign
burning just to shine
thoughts of you fill my senses
here you will find
future standing by
no regrets
0nly chances

meaning comes to those
who can see
through the clouds
so take it as it comes
walk with me
rain or shine
no matter what we find
it will be
ours to grow
and love will be the only thing we know

no regrets
i’m ever on your side
waiting on a line
on a line
Track Name: Iris

every no
that I get
only brings me closer
i know the odds
i know your best defence
will crumble with a smile

i’m gonna crack on high
you can’t tell me goodbye
you’re gonna catch my fall
and I’m gonna take it
take it all

and the moment
you reflect
there’s no time left
to regret
in your silence
i know I’m there
i dance in the iris
of your stare

i’m bulletproof
flavours fill my taste
mix it as you will
the morning sun
the shadow on my fun
once more it’s time to flee
...it’s time to flee

i face me now
a mirror bleak
is this who I seek?
a porcelain view
they’re all without a name
at the top of my game
Track Name: Kind You Grow On
kind you grow on

i could be around for a while
you could get used to this in time
well hey you never know

no one’s gonna drive you round the bend
no one’s gonna steal all your friends
they seem to like me though

turbulent lives
buoyant smiles
turning off the curb
out of sight

there’s only so much time left to play
you better let me in I could make your day
it could be worth your while

don’t look at the cover page
it will improve with age
i’m not here and gone
i’m the kind you grow on
it’s a mind over matter thing
and there’s more you haven’t seen
i’m not nearly done
i’m the kind you grown on

maybe I’m a wee bit in your face
i say what I think with little grace
but we could get along

now you know the awful truth of me
you can have all the rest for free
and hey you can’t go wrong

not the kind to desert you
as others may do
when you’re under fire
Track Name: Wired

if you’re on your own
are you quietly relieved?
well maybe so
if you’ve all but flown
wait to see
if the bitterness goes

cause lightning sometimes strikes
without a cloud in sight
the moon and tide could take us back in time

if you’re thinking of letting me down
baby I’m coming 'round
i’m not tired
if you’re thinking of sleeping sound
i’m running straight to you now
don’t retire
i’m still wired

are you asking why?
are we standing still with nothing left to try?
colours in my mind
i’ll paint a world that quietly we’ll find

long before you came
i dreamed you
still on your page
still shining through
everything we do
Track Name: Run River
run river

cut you free to stay afloat
through my hands you slip
like a friendly ghost
you said “don’t try harder you’ll make it worse”
everything you bless
just becomes a curse

while the wind’s at your back now
take off 'cause you know
all of the answers
you’re better off alone
i’m tired of giving it
one more try
we only seem to lose

run river
all the way down the line
run river
wash it way out of sight
run river
should I leave you behind?
running wild
run river
all the way through the fire
run river
'til you’re ready to try
run river
still feel like a child
running wild

you weren’t always the troubled one
in photographs
your smile spelled out such good fun
it’s hard when the others just won’t keep up
being so smart
running rings round the rest of us

while the wind’s at your back now
take off 'cause you know
all of the answers
you’re better off alone
i’m tired of living
in fear of the call in the middle of the night

where have you gone?
i’d have you here
right or wrong
Track Name: Twinkle
twinkle (in your eye)

you said it was time to settle up
you’d thought it through
said it don’t add up
i wish you’d come another day
i’ve never felt
so out of shape

happy trails
you said no long goodbyes
slip away
i know that’s just your style
where you’ve flown
you’re bound to be just fine
there’s a twinkle in your eye

don’t know how to begin
so far my life’s
been an accident
looking back and now it’s clear
it wasn’t purely chance
that brought you here

there’s not many
of your breed
you’ve got a habit of bringing peace
to the craziest mixed up soul
if leave you must
then you must
just come back when you’ve had enough
some will mind
if you don’t
if you don’t